Great Fundraising Opportunities!

Cavanagh's provides a double-faced, handmade Maine Wreath made of double-needle balsam. Each Wreath measures approximately 24 inches in diameter, which is ideal for door hanging. The decorations include frosted pine cones, weatherproof holly berries and a weatherproof embossed bow containing two yards of material. Velvet weatherproof bows are also available. Other size Wreaths are available upon request.

Cavanagh's specialty is providing organizations, such as yours, with the opportunity to raise needed funds with a minimum of risk and at the same time, provide a beautiful, fresh Wreath that many of your supporters already plan to purchase. Our customers include Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, soccer clubs, first aid squads, youth organizations, church organizations, school bands and others. We can supply references of our long-standing, satisfied customers.

Cavanagh's will provide free delivery in our trucks, of 10 dozen Wreaths or more to one location in our service area. In the event all of the Wreaths are not sold, we will accept back 10% of the total order if returned by your organization to our location as outlined in our order agreement.

A small deposit of $100 holds a space in our production schedule and helps defray the cost of the preparation of the decorations for your order. Full payment is required 10 days after the delivery of the Wreaths.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can provide more details about this PROFITABLE fundraising opportunity. The cost for 2015 to your organization is $139.20 per dozen. Your organization will make $66 to $90 per dozen. We are as close as your telephone. Good Selling! Click Here For Our Order Forms

Cavanagh's Wreaths continues to offer a brand new service started for the 2000 season. Your organization can sell wreaths via mail order. We will gift box a deluxe double faced balsam wreath decorated with clusters of frosted cones, bright red velvet bow, and a card from the sender. The mail order wreath measures 22" to 24" in diameter, and the cost to your organization would be $28.00. The suggested retail for this wreath is $33.95 and includes delivery via UPS to anywhere in the continental USA.

We will accept orders for mail order wreaths through November 27, 2015. Mail order wreaths must be paid in full by check when the order is placed. We can supply a sample order form for your organization to duplicate and use. You can avoid the storage and handling issues by taking advantage of this great opportunity, and still keep a healthy profit margin! Click Here For Our Order Forms​

For customers out of our service / delivery area we can bulk ship your wreaths via UPS anywhere in the continental USA. We require a $100.00 deposit (commitment to sell) as per our deposit / sell agreement. The order must be paid in full by check 2 weeks before shipment. Wreaths are not returnable. Wreaths are decorated with frosted cones, holly berries, and include a weatherproof red embossed plastic bow that you can easily attach. They are boxed in quantities of 8 and each box weighs about 40lbs. The wreaths are the same 22"-24" and the cost of each is $11.60 plus shipping and handling. The minimum order is 2 boxes. Orders / payment must be received by November 27, 2015. Click Here For Our Order Forms

Prices are seasonal and are subject to change accordingly.

We wish you a Happy and Joyous Holiday Season

Sincerely, The Cavanagh's

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